Ride Leader Guidelines & Suggestions

These guidelines and suggestions are just that. They should not be construed as absolute rules or directives. Ride Leaders should use their own good judgment to promote safe and fun rides.

Ride Leaders are the representatives of the Sacramento Wheelmen and the first contact that potential new members have with the Club. Be as informative and friendly as possible. Take the time to ride with them and be available to help or answer questions. Your planning, enthusiasm, and leadership on the ride will make the ride more enjoyable for everyone.

1.  Ride Roster: Use the Sacramento Wheelmen Ride Roster Form, single day or multi-day as appropriate (both include a waiver), and have all riders sign the Ride Roster before starting the ride. Remind riders to initial out upon their return. After the ride, forward the Ride Roster to the Club Mileage Coordinator. All non-members need to sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability (AWRL) form as described below to be part of the ride.

2.  Helmets – Mandatory on all rides: We cannot stop people from doing a ride, but we will not allow them to sign the Ride Roster or obtain a map of the route if they are not wearing a helmet.

3.  Membership Applications: Before the ride begins let guests know about the Club and inform them becoming a member can be completed through the Club’s website.

4.  Club Information: Mention the Club Website (www.sacwheelmen.org) as a source of information.

5.  Ride Report: If you are interested in writing a short story about the ride or any interesting happenings, feel free to do so. Contact the WheelNews Editor about details and possible publication. Photographs are encouraged.  

6.  Recognition: Ride Leaders are recognized annually based on rider miles led. The intent is to encourage additional Ride Leaders to lead more rides, attracting more riders and ride added miles.


1.  Consider using a GPS website, such as “Ride With GPS” (RWGPS), to plan a ride which includes turn-by-turn cue sheets.  Bringing a couple of paper route sheets for new and potential members is encouraged. Plan one or more regroup locations. Note regroup or rest stops, availability of water, food, and restrooms. The Club also has a Ride With GPS club account that Club members may join by contacting the GPS Coordinator and are welcome to use. If you need help or would like to use a previous route, contact the Ride Director. If you need assistance creating a route, contact the GPS Coordinator.

2.  Restrooms at the ride start are desirable. Be considerate of businesses and don’t block their parking spots.

3.  A shorter or easier option makes the ride accessible to more riders. Often another rider will be happy to sweep the optional route for you.

4.  Members want different start times and locations, rides, etc. Ride Leaders are given discretion on when, where, and what route to ride. If you don’t see a ride you’d like, lead one.

5.  Perhaps drive or ride the route about a week before the scheduled ride for any last-minute changes or road hazards.

6.  Download and print copies of


1.  A ride is not an official Wheelman ride eligible for Club Mileage unless it is scheduled on the Ride Calendar.

2.  Ride Leaders can schedule a ride by submitting a Ride Submittal Form to the Ride Director quarterly, monthly or as early as possible, but no later than five days prior to the ride.

3.  There are 4 types of rides for scheduling:

a.  Day Rides are scheduled individually.  Ride Descriptions should include water and food availability, and relevant elevation info. A ride cancellation notice needs to be sent as soon as possible to the Ride Director for cancellation on the Ride Calendar and to club members via the Sacramento Wheelmen email group system.

b.  Weekly Rides run year-round on the same day each week and are scheduled on the Ride Calendar. Notify Ride Director with any seasonal changes such as start time to be noted in the Ride Calendar.

c.  Tours & Zodiacs are contiguous day rides, preferably scheduled well in advance for rider planning. Ride Description should include SAG or loaded, hotel and/or camping/RV, cooking or restaurant meal combinations, contact Ride Leader for details and cancellation, etc.

d.  Event Rides (Party Pardee, Davis Double, Napa Century, Chico Wildflower, Death Ride, etc.) are sponsored by other clubs but may be accepted and scheduled as Wheelman rides eligible for Club Mileage when a Ride Leader submits a Ride Submittal Form containing words similar to: “Wheelmen must register for the ride with the host club and pay the entry fee, sign in and out on the Wheelmen Ride Roster, and please wear the Sacramento Wheelmen Jersey.” A ride website URL is recommended in the description.

4.  Look at the online Ride Calendar, Day Rides, Event Rides, Weekly Rides, and Tours & Zodiacs Schedule to see what rides are already scheduled. Compliment the scheduled rides in terms of starting in a different part of town with opposite terrain (hilly or flat) and offering variety.

5.  After the Ride Director has updated the online Ride Calendar with your ride:

a.  Verify that your ride was entered correctly on the Ride Calendar.

b.  Scroll down to the Ride Calendar, Weekly Rides, or Tours & Zodiacs Schedule to verify that your Ride Description is the way you want it to appear on the Ride Calendar.

c.  Let the Ride Director know immediately if there is anything you want changed.



1.  Assemble the group of riders and introduce yourself and any guests. Let guests know about the Club, how to become a member by accessing the Club website and also set up an account with the club’s group email provider.

2.  Be certain all riders have signed the Ride Roster and guests have signed the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability (AWRL) form. Members are covered by the club’s supplemental accident insurance after signing the ride roster and riding the course. Ensure everyone has a cue sheet or GPS route and a helmet. Inform participants who are using GPS bike computers, such as a Garmin, for future rides they can download the route to their bike computer from the Ride Calendar RWGPS route link, if available, and those riders who do not use bike computers can print their own turn-by-turn cue sheets from the Ride Calendar RWGPS route link, if available. Encourage the use of mirrors and front and rear lights.

3.  Briefly describe the route, hazards, tricky turns, and regroup/rest stops.

4.  Remind riders to initial out on the Ride Roster at the end of ride and/or if riders plan to deviate from the route, to inform you so you won't have to worry about lost riders.

5.  Stress the need to ride single file and stop at intersections, in addition to obeying all traffic laws. Remind riders to point out hazards, approaching vehicles, and upcoming turns for following riders.

6.  For groups of 20 or more riders, a staggered start may be advised. If everyone starts at the same time, it can cause a traffic problem and present a poor image to the motoring public.

7.  Rides should not be cancelled by e-mail or online alone since guests and non-techie members may not have access to the Internet. The Ride Leader needs to show up at the scheduled start location by the scheduled start time to inform potential riders of the ride cancellation. It is not sufficient to say “rain cancels” because of riders coming from different geographical areas. However, if a ride is cancelled, a notice needs to be sent as soon as possible to the Ride Director for cancellation on the Ride Calendar and to club members via the Sacramento Wheelmen email group system. Ride Leader discretion is used on weekly rides.


1.  Sweeping the course is not a policy, but one of courtesy. It is important that new members, guests, and slower riders are not left behind or forgotten.


1.  Make sure all the riders have returned and have signed out on the Ride Roster. You may have to drive the route in reverse to ensure that all riders are ok. If you sweep the ride, this may not be necessary.

2.  Check the Ride Roster for completeness, legibility, and accuracy. You are the final determiner of rider miles. Email or mail the Ride Roster to the Mileage Coordinator. Both addresses can be found on the Wheelmen website under Rides - Lead a Ride button. If your ride is canceled, send in your Ride Roster showing canceled or send an email with “Ride Canceled – mm/dd” in the subject line.

3.  The Ride Leader decides the mileage to be reported for the Long, Medium, and Short ride miles. The Ride Leader has total discretion as to what to record for riders who deviate from the prescribed route and is the final determiner on Ride Roster miles.

4.  All Ride Rosters should be sent promptly to the Mileage Coordinator as soon as the ride is completed. Ride Rosters must be received no later than the 7th day of the following month. Ride Leaders are encouraged to keep a copy of their Ride Roster.

5.  A ride is to be a social and enjoyable experience for everyone. Your abilities and enthusiasm will ensure safety and camaraderie for all the participants.


We have a Liability Waiver Form to use from our insurance carrier. We need to do our best to make sure all participants on our rides sign the proper waiver. Please do the following at rides:

1.  Non-Members: Have all non-members also sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability (AWRL) form with twelve lines, then you sign as witness and Ride Leader. You will keep this on file for one year.

2.  Minors: Riders under 18 must complete the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability (AWRL) form and have it signed by their legal guardian.

3.  Accidents: If an individual on your ride has an accident, please contact the Insurance Coordinator and Ride Director as soon as possible. Follow the Accident Report Instructions to complete a Silent Sports Incident Report and send it to the Insurance Coordinator and Ride Director for submittal to our insurance carrier.

Thank you for being a leader!!

Our members appreciate your leadership. The Club would not exist or be much fun without Ride Leaders and their rides. Mentor a younger member with Ride Leader potential, they are the lifeblood of our Club.

Revised 10/10/2021

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