You can find details on all of the rides we sponsor in this section. There are recurring rides, listed under the WEEKLY RIDES dropdown, that are a great place to start. A greater variety of rides can be found on the RIDE CALENDAR. Finally, TOURS & ZODIACS, which are multi-day events, have their own section to enable long term planning. They also show up on the Ride Calendar.

What do you need to know, and what do you need to bring, to join a club ride? Following is a guideline for new riders. The information should apply to joining any riding group. It looks like a lot of stuff, but it’s basically just common sense. Please know that every effort is made to accommodate new riders and make them feel comfortable.

If you have not joined the club as a member before your first ride with us, please introduce yourself to the ride leader on that day. You will be asked to sign our Waiver of Liability.

Our goal is to have fun, experience the joy of working together and to keep it safe as possible.

What to Bring

1. A helmet (mandatory)!

2. Water (either in water bottles or a camel-bak)

3. Food (energy bars, gels, any kind of high-carbohydrate snack)

4. At least one spare tube(s) and a patch kit

5. A portable pump that can strap onto your bike frame, or a CO2 set.

6. Tools: 2 tire levers, maybe a "multi-tool"

7. Money for the breakfast or coffee stops

8. A bike in good condition (make sure you’ve checked it before leaving home). A road bike, as opposed to a mountain bike, is going to work best for keeping up on a club ride. While some folks occasionally join us on their mountain bikes, they must work very hard to keep up with the lighter and faster road bikes that most club riders use.

9. Appropriate clothing. Lycra shorts and jerseys with rear pockets are not mandatory, but you’ll soon learn why they are the most comfortable choice for several hours on a bicycle seat.

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