Thursday Coffee Ride

  • 10 Aug 2023
  • 8:00 AM
  • Gold River, Gold River Shopping Center, SE corner of Sunrise Blvd & Gold Country Rd.

Ride:                38.7 / 50.1 / 55.5                 Hilly                 Flexible

Leader:  Rod Farley, 916-601-5402,

RWGPS  Short:



Description:  The long and medium routes regroup and refresh at Newcastle Produce (mile 25.9); the short route regroups and refreshes in Folsom (mile 29.5) at either Coffee Republic or Julian’s Patisserie. At mile 19.3, the short route splits off on Dick Cook Road, then heads down Auburn Folsom. The long and medium routes stay on Val Verde Road on the way to Newcastle. Leaving Newcastle, the long route goes up Indian Hill, down Shirland-Tract Road, and down Rattlesnake Road before rejoining Auburn Folsom Road. The medium route cuts out five miles by simply going down Auburn Folsom Road from Indian Hill. All routes head back to Gold River on the same route beginning at the intersection of Auburn Folsom Road and Dick Cook Road.

Elevation Short:     1,595 feet

                  Medium:  2,230 feet

                  Long:      2,561 feel

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