Presidential Awards

Every year, the Sacramento Wheelmen Bicycling Club recognizes two club members whose names go on perpetual trophies. One member is recognized as the Sacramento Wheelmen Volunteer of the Year. The other award, The Sacramento Wheelmen of the Year, is awarded to a member for his or her outstanding contribution to the club. The first award often focuses on a single year, whereas the second often recognizes a longer body of service to the club.

These are the club’s top annual awards which have been awarded yearly since 1998. The recipients are chosen by the club president and the winners are announced at the annual club banquet. Their names are added to the perpetual trophy, so the trophy becomes a record of individuals who have been outstanding members over time. Take a look.

Sacramento Wheelmen of the Year

2021 - Dick Shultz

Sacramento Wheelmen Volunteer of the Year

2021 - Dale Johnson

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