Banquet 2011

35 photo(s) Updated on: 28 Feb 2012
  • Tim Koch, Oregon Tour Director
  • Gerry Rohlfes, Mary Moore, Nick Hourigan
  • Tom Goodwin, Wheelmen Extraordinaire
  • Sandy & Mike Fox, Two on a bike
  • The name tag says it all
  • Dave Clifton aka SuperDave
  • Dick Nussbaum, Top mileage guy!
  • Nick Hourigan, Head wrench Oregon Tour, Back up Tues ride leader
  • The scene of the crime
  • Mary Moore & Linda Zeiszler keep a lookout while Mike Kersten rigs the raffle prizes
  • Mr President
  • Donna Klug, Marilyn Floyd & Mary Moore
  • Kerry Wilson schmoozing with Bob & Susie Evans
  • Go to Gal, Jeanne Leland
  • Ex Pres, Linda Zeiszler
  • Just another suit, Dennis King
  • Former Mileage Compiler, Bob Evans and wife Susie
  • Vice-pres, Mike Kersten & wife Elisabeth
  • Sandy Yarrow, Won the Lance Armstrong Poster!
  • Married to the Ex Pres, Rich Zeiszler
  • Jeanne & Sandy Rusconi (lends class to the southern group)
  • Tom steals the dessert while Bud & Jeanne aren't looking
  • Looking good, Mr & Mrs Moore
  • Prize winner, Teresa Golden
  • My poster
  • Lelani Alves tries to guess what's in the envelope
  • Prize winner- SuperDave
  • Stan Leff, caught red handed
  • They stand for something
  • Jeff Ross and wife, Shelia
  • Lets Eat!
  • Marilyn Floyd, in charge of the Photo Contest
  • John Hafkenschiel and Frank Yates listen dubiously
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