43rd SIERRA CENTURY - April 21, 2018

 The event is over for this year. Next year it will be on April 20, 2019
Pictures are now available at   www.captivatingsportsphotos.net

The Four Routes

These routes have been designed for fun and adventure as well as personal challenge. Except perhaps for the 41er Tour route, all of these routes have some long sustained climbs with a few steeper climbs depending upon your selected route. Please train properly. None of these routes are recommended for beginners.

An updated map of all four routes, including rest and water stops, is available here (pdf file size <1 MB) or a higher resolution print quality map is here (pdf file size 22 MB). 

Printed maps will be available at registration and all route stops. See link below for separate route maps, elevation profiles, cue sheets, and links to download routes to your GPS device.

Note: If you download the route files to a Garmin or other GPS device, some of the rest and water stops will not show up because the routes entering and exiting the stops are not included. Printed cue sheets that include the routes entering and exiting the stops will be available to all riders, and the corners near the stops on the routes will be marked.

Select here for a link to detailed maps and elevation profiles for all rides.

The 41er Tour

For those riders looking for a ride shorter and with less climbing than the Metric Century and Classic Century routes, the 41er Tour route with 41 miles and 3250 feet of climbing leaves Plymouth in the opposite direction of the three longer routes by heading east on Fiddletown Road.  The route travels just 7 miles to Fiddletown before it picks up the Classic Century route to the base of Slug Gulch Road (Mile 24), then continues on Perry Creek Road and Fairplay Road for 2.1 miles and a few more hills to Omo Ranch Road where it joins the concluding descent of the Classic Century route back to the Fairgrounds through the Shenandoah Valley.

The Metric Century

The Metric Century, 65 miles with 4500 feet of climbing, follows rolling oak woodland to Ione, then continues on to Sutter Creek, Volcano, Ram’s Horn Grade, Daffodil Hill, then down to Fiddletown and back to the Fairgrounds. The route has the same mileage and about the same amount of climbing as the 100KM route of the Party Pardee Century (4150 ft.), and even shares one of that route's streets (West Marlette Street in Ione).  The route includes 5 aid stations.

The Classic Century

The Classic Century, 102 miles with 7800 feet of climbing, follows the Metric Century route to Fiddletown and continues up to Mt. Aukum, Fair Play, and Slug Gulch. A well-deserved rest stop and Slug Gulch pin await you at the top of Slug Gulch. Rest, recover, and enjoy the downhill back to the Fairgrounds through the Shenandoah Valley. The route includes 6 aid stations.

The Double Metric Century

The Double Metric Century, 122 miles with 9800 feet of climbing, follows the Classic Century route to the top of Slug Gulch and continues with additional climbing up Omo Ranch Road to the intersection with Hwy 88 where riders do a U turn and return to Plymouth on the Classic Century route. The route includes 8 aid stations.

Elevation of Key Points on the Routes

Key Point Elevation
Plymouth 1080 feet
Ione(mile 20) 291 feet
Sutter Creek (mile 30) 1198 feet
Volcano (mile 42) 2053 feet
Daffodil Hill (mile 46) 2912 feet
Fiddletown/Shake Ridge Rds.(mile 49, Metric highest pt.) 3350 feet
Fiddletown (mile 59/7) 1678 feet
Mt. Aukum (the town) (mile 69/17) 2091 feet
Pioneer Park (mile 74/22) 2054 feet
Base of Slug Gulch Rd. (mile 77/24) 2180 feet
Top of Slug Gulch Rd. (mile 83/31, Century highest pt.) 3609 feet
Omo Ranch Water Stop (mile 89/37) 4580 feet
Omo Ranch Rd./SR 88 (mile 92/40, Double Metric highest pt.) 5000 feet

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